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Masonry - the CHOICE for school construction
Masonry is the choice for school construction - its cost-effective, durable and SAFE.

Benefits to Building a Masonry School

  • Cost Effective. The Initial Cost of Construction Study (2017) shows masonry is a cost effective building material for schools.

  • Masonry Goes Up Fast! Masonry can be delivered to the job site typically within weeks, keeping on schedule and not costing tax payers undue delays in money.

  • Masonry is local. Production is also environmentally friendly.

  • Masonry buildings can last for hundreds of years with proper maintenance. There is very little maintenance and these costs are typically lower than other building materials.

  • Masonry does not burn, rot or mold.


Masonry is great for storm shelters - even FEMA even recommends.
To read more why masonry is a great chocie for storm shelters, click here.


Masonry can be designed as load-bearing. Precast/tilt-up must be bolted to a steel superstructure.

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