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Our mission is to educate Iowans about the buildings they live, work and play in and materials they are built with, and encourage these structures to be constructed with masonry. No other material can replicate masonry’s advantage in strength, durability, safety and ease of use.

Contrary to myths, MASONRY is a cost effective building material, and will pay for itself over the lifetime of the structure with lower maintenance, lower utility bills and insurance premiums.

MASONRY buildings are built to last and are a great choice for schools, dorms, hospitals and more! The durability of masonry makes it a great choice for your next project.


While other structures require drawings and off-site production to take place before construction can begin, MASONRY allows you to start

building at a moment's notice.



#MasonryStrong is a public relations initiative of the Masonry Institute of Iowa, the nonprofit association for the masonry industry in Iowa. Build faster. Build stronger. Build with Masonry. To learn more about MII visit

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